Sara Hasslinger

I believe in the statement, "Art Saves Lives".   The creative process is therapeutic and transformative, and is often the most effective means of solving a problem. It is also not always the first thing we think of when struggling to solve something. That's why I love collaborations. The pattern-interrupt of creating with another person opens a pathway to previously unseen worlds. 

I am inspired to make collaborative art that facilitates community togetherness, and moves the participants and the audience to let their freak flags fly. 

As Humans, we have constructed our norms, and we have the ability to deconstruct and reconstruct them too.  Flip flopping from the big picture to the little picture, telescoping out, then microscoping in, is a means of playing with our perceptions and freeing our minds from constraints.  For example, check out my Human Paint Drops project that I did in Chelan WA.  It took a group of people to create a powerful image of one person.

Adding an element of surrealism to an otherwise common image or experience is another way of expanding our scope.  For example, creating and wearing a mask, such as in my Monsterlove project, provides participants new ways of thinking about what art can be. Once brought to life, the masks introduce us to another new world that's never been experienced before, even when worn in our very own neighborhoods.  

Whatever I have my hands on or in,  I am an obsessive up-cycler, with resourcefulness in mind.  I work in a variety of media: primarily painting, paper mache, collage, mosaic, photography, and sewing.  

Please contact me for collaborations, community art, workshops, and  commissioned pieces. I look forward to getting to know you and to discovering how the creative process can solve your problems and enrich YOUR life and community. 



                                                       2018  Gilded Lily Storefront,  Fish Lady Mannequin Heads, Wenatchee WA

 2018  Riverwalk Inn, Chelan WA, Summer Display 

     2017  Radar Station, Wenatchee WA, Orphan Show 

      2016  Artisan Bakery, Chelan WA, Anonymous Show

2014  Riverwalk Inn, Chelan WA, Summer Display

               2011  Trashion Show, Austin Contemporary Art Museum

                  2010  East Austin Studio Tour (MONSTERLOVE STUDIO) 

                  2009  East Austin Studio Tour (MONSTERLOVE STUDIO) 

                  2008  East Austin Studio Tour (MONSTERLOVE STUDIO) 


 2003  Cosmetology Diploma from Milwaukee Area Technical College 

                                    2001  Bachelors of Art and Education Degree from University Wisconsin Milwaukee 

1997  Foundation year at the Milwaukee  Institute of Art and Design 




Painting, Signage, Monsterlove, Paper mache, Mosaic, Community Art, Photography, Jewelry, Logo design, and Collage


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